What is the JSN?

The JSN is a virtual interdisciplinary communication platform dedicated to effectively support the scientific careers, knowledge, and know-how of young researchers.

Launched in 2007 by tp21 GmbH, its main aim is to foster:

  • Scientific community building,
  • Sustainable information exchanges,
  • Brainstorming,
  • Networking,
  • News dissemination, and
  • Mentoring activities.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that it is of fundamental importance to support and guide the work of young scientists; their ideas constitute the building blocks of future research all over the world.
Further, many young researchers work within EU-funded research projects which often end before they have finished their research work, such as their doctoral dissertation or post-doctoral research, or abilitation project. This common scenario raises issues concerning the ways in which these junior scientists can:

  • exchange further ideas and discuss questions,
  • get access to the infrastructure of former partners,
  • get a quick overview on the project's scientific publications,
  • get help or advice regarding innovation related activities for exploitation of research results, and
  • keep contact with the consortium members.

In recognition of these matters, the JSN communication portal wants to assists young researchers by providing them with a platform for: launching and discussing research ideas, exchanging information, learning about new topics and prospective research, meeting other people interested in similar research issues, receiving mentorship, and finding concrete chances for improving one's career. Finally, the existence of the JSN platform is not dependent on the duration of any EU project. The goal of this scientific communication portal is to become a European meeting point for young scientists.            

Who is a Junior Scientist?

A Junior Scientist is a researcher currently involved in dissertational, post-doctoral, or early stage research work.